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1 Posting rules

  • Always be respectful and polite when posting - There is absolutely no excuse to be rude, confrontational, or hostile when posting on Trails and Tamaracks. This is a place where outdoor enthusiasts come together to share adventures and advice, not create problems. Flaming can get you banned.
  • Do not crosspost - The Trails and Tamaracks Forum is divided into various categories. When initiating a thread, always locate the most appropriate category, and post your question only ONCE, in that category. Do not post the same question in multiple categories.
  • No advertisements - Trails and Tamaracks is not the classified ads. Do not post advertisements / self promotion / spam of any kind. Doing so may get you banned.
  • No objectionable content - Do not post content/links/subjects that may not be appropriate to everybody, including minors. This forum is for everyone to enjoy. Examples include adult links, hateful/ distasteful content, vulgar language etc.
  • Stay on topic when initiating a thread or posting a reply - When replying to a thread, try and stay true to the topic. This guideline is needed to maintain the quality of information exchanged through and stored in the forum. When future members stumble across your post looking for answers, they will not appreciate a thread that goes far off topic.
  • No illegal requests - Any post that requests anything at all that breaks the law will result in being banned and will be reported to the proper authorities.

2 Miscellaneous Rules

  • Signature - Signatures are allowed for registered users who have signed up for a predetermined amount of time, by defining one within the "User Profile" section of the user CP. Before then you may NOT manually add a signature to your posts, which is considered signature spamming. Signature length is defined by the administrator and may change without notice. Images are NOT allowed.
  • User identify - Your identity is formed based on your username, past posts, an avatar, a signature etc. It is against the rules to manipulate any of these to mislead people as to your identity, such as choose a username or avatar that suggests you are a moderator of TnT when you're not. Clear and malicious deception may get your account suspended. As a general rule, you are permitted to change your username on a predetermined basis. This period may change without warning.
  • PM (Private messaging) - This forum allows you to send private messages to individual, or multiple members. This allows you to communicate with a member one-to-one. PM posting follows the same guidelines as above. If you are the recipient of a PM that breaks our guidelines, please email the admin ASAP with a copy of the message. Although there is no current limit on messages in your inbox, Admins and Mods at Trails and Tamaracks reserve the rights to limit any and all message inboxes. Be sure to clear out your inbox periodically. Since the PM system uses a database, your messages are not 100% private. Anyone with database access will be able to read your messages!
  • Mass PMing - You are permitted to send messages to multiple recipients. This, however may change in the future. Spamming is of course, not acceptable and any user found using the PM system for this purpose may find their account banned. Messages that request a user's password or other personal information should be reported ASAP!
  • Request for removal - All posts are considered permanent! If you ever feel your post (or any other members' post) may expose too much personal, incorrect or innapropriate information, you may choose to report the post by using the "Report Post" link found in all threds. Please be specific about why you believe it should be removed. A moderator will review your report and take any necessary actions. Excessive reporting my cause you to be warned or banned.

3 Penalty

  • Penalty for abusing/breaking the above guidelines will result in action taken either by a moderator or admin. Sometimes it's as simple as your post being edited out (which does not always equate to a penalty, rather, just a reminder), other times, you will be contacted and warned. In more severe cases, you will be banned immedately and without notice.

By participating in our forums you agree to comply with all of the above usage terms. Do not come to us after you've suddenly found your posting privileges permanently revoked due to violating them.

Trails and Tamaracks is not responsible for any misinformation posted on the forum or website that could result in injury or harm. Please use common sense, be safe and have fun.

Rules were last modified on March 13 2012 10:38:01.